Achieve more. Together!

We created eBBBa to provide a framework that enables better collaboration and workflows for everyone.

eBBBa is short for: European BigBlueButton Association

The European association for the best open source video conferencing and online teaching software is here. Founded on April 13, 2021, with the goals of supporting the community and advancing the development of BBB, as well as collecting funds to support research and development related to BigBlueButton.
We took care of the registration in the association register and got granted the non-profit status. Thus, people and organizations can now join eBBBa.

Our statutes:

Feel free to contact us at: info at –

Membership Application is a membership-based organization, where, aside from funding development of features in BigBlueButton, we use its membership fees to fund public relations activities as well as organization of community events. As a member, you support eBBBa on a regular basis. After joining eBBBa, we ask for your participation to work on making BigBlueButton and the community the best it can be. This members-based association is not a service-provider where you throw in money, so other people do your work, but instead the members of eBBBa work together to achieve the goals and support each others / the community.

Lukas Mocek’s presentation about eBBBa at the BigBlueButton Global Conference

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