BigBlueButton meets BSI minimum standards for video conferencing services

End of October, the BSI published the minimum standards for the planning, procurement, operation and use of video conferencing services. The document is aimed primarily at federal government agencies, but it is also suitable for any other institution to keep in mind the essential requirements.

Spring 2021, the BSI had published a community draft and asked for comments. The eBBBa e. V. made some comments and suggestions for wording. These have been taken into account in the final version.

eBBBa e. V. already was able to fully implement the technical requirements for secure operation in the eBBBa BigBlueButton Ansible role. Even without using the Ansible role, BBB can be configured to meet the new BSI minimum standards.

BSI publishes minimum standard for video conferencing services

eBBBa BBB-Ansible-Rolle